Bread, Milk, Toilet Paper and…Library Books!

An EPIC snow storm is upon us here in Virginia and there’s a mad scramble for all the essentials. Photos have been shared on the web of grocery store shelves that are wiped clean. People are going crazy!








The kids and I took a trip to our public library to stock up on some other snow day essentials: books! I was thrilled to see that the library was packed with people with the same idea. Really, what’s better than curling up by a warm fire with a book in your hands while the snow falls down outside?

I already had thirty-nine (!) children’s books checked out from the library, but I grabbed eighteen more. I want to be totally prepared for this potentially record breaking storm! IMG_2553

Bread? Check!
Milk? Check!
Toilet paper? Check!
Library books? Check, check, check!!!

Are you prepared? 🙂