Halloweensie Contest

For fun, I’m entering Susanna Leonard Hill’s “Halloweensie” contest this year. The rules: write a children’s story about Halloween in 100 words or less using the words costume, dark and haunt.
Happy Halloween, everyone!Trick-or-treat

Too Much (97 words)
By Susanne Whitehouse

Costumed kids are on the prowl
Mummies stalk and werewolves howl.

Haunted ghouls walk side by side
With fairies, clowns and little brides.

Ring the bell for something sweet
Bags outstretched, yell “Trick or Treat!”

Two down the hatch and one to keep
Must get more loot, so time to creep.

From street to street and door to door
They still press on and ask for more.

With bellies full, but bags so light
The mood is dark this Halloween night.

Too much candy has made them sick
Next time less treat and a lot more trick!

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6 thoughts on “Halloweensie Contest

  1. Susanna Leonard Hill

    Delightfully Halloween-y, nice rhyme, and fun story! Poor little greedy trick-or-treaters – it’s so hard to stop when you should 🙂 Thanks so much for joining in the Halloweensie fun, Susanne!

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