Santa’s Birthday Gift

Last night at Christmas Eve mass, our priest did a magical thing: he read a picture book as part of his homily! With his gentle voice reciting the beautiful rhyming text, both children and adults in the congregation were hanging on his every word.1608608247.01._SX450_SY635_SCLZZZZZZZ_

The book Santa’s Birthday Gift by Sherrill S. Cannon, tells the story of how Santa, a toymaker, came to visit Jesus on the night he was born, bearing lots of gifts. Instead of leaving all the toys with Jesus, he makes a promise to give them to all the girls and boys. A tradition of the spirit of Christmas was born.

I’m a huge supporter of using picture books with children (and adults!) of all ages because they are a simple way to introduce a topic or get across a concept in a fun and interesting way. Our priest brought the spirit of Christmas into our hearts last night…through the simple words of a picture book.

Happy Holidays!