15 Things Grown-ups Can Learn from Children’s Picture Books

In this fast paced world we live in, you probably find yourself rushing from one thing to the next (carting kids to practices and lessons, meals on-the-go, helping with homework, volunteering at school, grocery shopping, etc.). As we zoom through these activities, we often forget some of the basics in life, like simply being kind to others.

The books we read our children teach them valuable lessons. Why aren’t we listening?

Here are 15 things that grown-ups can learn from reading children’s picture books:

1) Have a sense of wonder.

2) Slow down and enjoy the moment.

3) Laughter can be the best medicine.

4) Do the right thing. Be honest, be fair.

5) Live your life in colorful pictures.

6) It’s OK to cry.

7) Your friends can be any color.

8) Follow your dreams.

9) Learn from your mistakes.

10) Smile.

11) Bad guys rarely win, so be a good guy.

12) Live simply.

13) Strive for a happily ever after.

14) Problems can be solved by talking it out, not yelling.

15) Life is more fun when you think of it as an adventure.