I Have a New Friend and His Name is Troll

I have a new friend and his name is Troll. We’re such good friends, in fact, that he decided to hang out in my head until about midnight last night, forcing me to continually roll over and type more and more about him into the notes of my iphone. I finally fell asleep (I assume Troll did too) and when I woke-up, I had to see what I had written. After forwarding my notes to my e-mail and then pasting it into a word document, I was shocked to see I had three typed pages of a new story! I think I like Troll!

Do you ever get a character in your head that just won’t be quiet until you’ve properly written about them? To me it’s worth dropping what you’re doing, including trying to sleep, to get these thoughts down. I don’t know about you, but my ideas never sound quite as perfect the next day if I don’t write them down in the moment. Often when they come into my head, they are formed exactly as they are supposed to be. Sometimes I even completely (gasp) forget the amazing idea I had and it is gone forever.

Although I’m exhausted today, I’m glad I let Troll speak his mind in the wee hours of the night. I see the beginnings of a beautiful friendship.