My Favorites Then and Now

As a child, I loved reading and my bookshelves were bursting with lots of choices.                            Scan 4             Xmas Day 1983 - Nana's

As an adult, I love children’s books even more and have my own special bookshelf where I keep my favorites.

My favorite books as a child:

Anything by Dr. Seuss                                                            Anything by Shel Silverstein

One_Fish_Two_Fish_Red_Fish_Blue_Fish_(cover_art)                                                Where_the_Sidewalk_Ends


   charlottes-web-cover                                      images


images                                      images 

My favorite children’s books as an adult:

       Anything by Dr. Seuss                                       Anything by Shel Silverstein

   Oobleck_Cover                         The_Giving_Tree   


images                 9780395259382_p0_v4_s260x420


images                                        images